Feature List

Easy Setup

...whether you choose docker or vanilla, local or remote.

Media Management

Easy drag-and-drop to upload your media to streama!

Live Sync Watching

Watch with your loved ones remotely, with sync for play/pause and scrubbing.

Beautiful Video Player

With an episode and season browser.

Multi-User Capable

Create accounts for anyone you like and grant them specific privileges.

Continue Watching

The system remembers where you left off last time!

Related Movies & Shows

The system detects similar movies and shows for you to add.

Open Source

Use, change and distribute the code as much as you want!

File Browser

Access your current Files with the built-in file browser

Video Conversion

Coming soon...

Media crawler

Coming soon...

Chromecast support

Coming soon...


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Easy Setup

Step 1 - Java

If you don't have it already, go ahead and download a copy of JDK8 (Oracle) and install JDK as usual, make sure to let JDK add new variables to your system.

Step 2 - Download the executable

Download the most recent .war file in the releases page

Step 3 - Run the application

  • open your command line tool
  • on a unix-system (Ubuntu, Mac, etc), run ./streama-[version].war
  • on Windows (untested), run streama-[version].war
  • This command will run the application in an embedded server against a local database http://localhost:8080

Step 4 - Login

the first thing you will see when opening the URL is a login screen. Use username admin and password admin to log in. Enjoy

For further information and FAQ, see the Up and Running with v1 Wiki

Step 1 - Java

sudo apt-get install openjdk-8-jdk

Step 2 - Download the executable

Download the most recent .war file in the releases page

wget https://github.com/dularion/streama/releases/download/v[version]/streama-[version].war

Step 3 - Download the config file

download the sample_application.yml as application.yml and place it in the same directory as the war file.

wget https://raw.githubusercontent.com/dularion/streama/master/docs/sample_application.yml -O application.yml

Step 4 - Run the application


the first thing you will see when opening the URL is a login screen. Use username admin and password admin to log in. Enjoy


  • Make sure you have the correct rights, such as execution rights, on the .war file. use chmod ug+x to give the owner and group execution rights.
  • use systemctrl to run the war as a service in the background. see instructions here
  • customize the database to be mysql with your own secure username and password. see instructions here

For further information, FAQs and other tricks, see the Up and Running with v1 Wiki

Build Docker-Image from Source (optional)

Dependencies: git, oraclejdk7

git clone git@github.com:dularion/streama.git
cd streama

Run Docker Image

Dependencies: docker, MySQL

docker run -d -name=“streama” -p 8080:8080 -p 4000:4000 -v /data:/data -e “MYSQL_HOST=mysqlhost” -e “MYSQL_PORT=3306” -e “MYSQL_DB=streama” -e “MYSQL_USER=streama” -e “MYSQL_PASSWORD=streama” whatever/streama


  • -d run as daemon
  • MYSQL_HOST default: mysql
  • MYSQL_PORT default: 3306
  • MYSQL_DB default: streama
  • MYSQL_USER default: streama
  • MYSQL_PASSWORD default: streama
  • whatever/streama That is the name of the docker image, both on docker-hub and if you build it from source

Run Docker Image & Linked MySQL-Container

Dependencies: docker

docker run --rm -it --name="streama" -p 8055:8080 -p 4000:4000 --link mysql:mysql -e “MYSQL_HOST=mysqlhost” -e “MYSQL_port=3306” -e “MYSQL_DB=streama” -e “MYSQL_USER=streama” -e “MYSQL_PASSWORD=streama” whatever/streama

Media Upload

The Admin-Panel

Streama Admin

One of the most important things to me was to make managing shows, movies, and episodes as easy and fun as possible. For this I made heavy use of the API from theMovieDatabase.org, which auto-fills the episodes, shows and movies with useful information and great images. This eases the user's role in adding content.

For example, creating a new TV-show and the episodes for the first season looks something like this:

Streama Creating Show

Uploading video-files for each episode is as easy as drag-and-drop!

Streama Uploading Episode

Live Sync Watching

Video Player

The Player

The Streama-Player is (heavily) inspired by Netflix, so you get all the good stuff from there. For Shows, there is a "next episode" button and a handy episode/season browser. There are also the basics: volume-control, play/pause, and fullscreen. Later down the road I will add a feature to add subtitles and switch between video-files (for instance for different quality uploads). The player is HTML5-based and has only really been tested in Chrome so far.

Streama Player

The Episode Browser

I am especially proud of the Episode-Browser, which aims to function just like on Netflix. By default, the current video-file's season is selected. The user gets an overview of which other episodes there are in the season, how many seasons there are, and, as an added feature, the user sees all the added episodes, even if no video-files are added to them (thus greyed out).

Streama Episode Browser

Multi-User Capable

Users can be invited and managed in the admin-panel. By default, they have no role, meaning they can only view videos. As admins, they can manage the server settings and invite other users. As content-managers, they can create and upload content. Thus, users with both roles, have full.

Once a user is invited and has access to the application, they can edit their Profile. Here, they can set a full name, change their password and even set some favorite genres. At present these the genres are not used for anything, but this can pave the way for automatic playlists such as "recommended to you".

Continue Watching

If you are watching a show with many episodes, or stop a movie somewhere in the middle, it is really useful to be able to come back at a later point and find links to the show/movie that you lead you directly where you left off! Streama periodically saves your viewing status while you watch any type of content, and it is smart enough to differentiate between a single movie and a show containing multiple episode (where it only always saves the latest entry)

Sometimes you add a movie to streama because you anticipate that you will feel like watching it soon. In such a case, it can be useful if you also get some suggestions regarding similar movies that you also might want to add. Streama makes this especially easy for you, as you can simply click on a suggested movie to create it, and then you can add your video file to it at a later point if you wish.

Open Source

This project is completely open source for anyone who wishes to use, share or contribute to it. It is published under the MIT License. You can find a link to the license here.

File Browser

Access existing Files on your harddrive by setting the directory in the settings and then browsing to the files when editing a movie or a show.

Copyright Notification

Streama does not permit copyright infringing activities and infringement of intellectual property rights on its demo-website, and will remove all Content if properly notified that such content infringes on another's intellectual property rights. Streama reserves the right also to block a specific IP-address from accessing the demo-website, if they are determined to be a repeat infringer.

If you believe that your work has been copied in a way that constitutes copyright infringement, please provide Streama with the written information specified below:

To submit a Copyright Notification, please write an email to this address.